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Lean On Me To Help You Carry On

Support Lliana Monterrat Novelo Martinez

You too can join our team in supporting Isleños in need.

We welcome partnerships because we know that our work would not be possible without collaborative relationships. We seek to connect with sponsors, donors, partners, experts, volunteers, leaders and communities to raise awareness about Islenño needs and make them a thing of the past. That’s something we can only accomplish together.

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Cooperation, optimism, effort, equality, honesty, friendship, tolerance, gratitude and justice are some Isleños characteristics which draw us close to and promote our support of Isla's people.


Cooperación, optimismo, esfuerzo, igualdad, honestidad, amistad, tolerancia, gratitud y justicia son algunas de las características isleñas que nos acercan y promueven nuestro apoyo al gente de Isla.


Beneficial Process:

Lean On Me International Board Members utilizes a diligence process to assess the presenting needs of individuals, family and community needs to ensure that every dollar we raise is used to make a difference and an impact. 

Strategic Sponsor Partners: 

Lean On Me International is proud to partner with other organizations as sponsors to support beneficial fundraising efforts. 

Changed Lives: 

The following individuals have volunteered to share their powerful stories about the personal change experienced as a result of support received from Lean On Me International and our donors.  Their stories passionately tell about their triumphs over illness, environmental devastation, community shutdown, tragedies, and all too often, genuine poverty.


Events / News / Press

Festival Dates - March 18, 19, 20 with Pre-Festival Activities of March 16 & 17 - 2021 Lean on Me International Music Festival

Currently, this event planning is in progress with the goal of spotlighting Isla’s local musicians and bands performing.  We also have an amazing line up of well-known musicians from the United States and Canada.

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