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Changed Lives: 

We welcome partnerships because we know that our work would not be possible without collaborative relationships. We seek to connect with sponsors, donors, partners, experts, volunteers, leaders and communities to raise awareness about Islenño needs and make them a thing of the past. That’s something we can only accomplish together.

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Harvey Leach Guitar Ticket Raffle

Lean On Me International Harvey Leach's custom-made guitar ticket raffle is to support our Isleños in crisis due to medical needs, food insecurity, traumatic events, etc.


Here is a Guitar description from Harvey Leach himself:

The guitar body is made of Claro Walnut with the face from a very special redwood tree called "Lucky Strike". Lucky Strike is a famous and highly sought-after guitar wood. The neck inlays are Abalone and a special shell called Agoya. The LOMI logo with the Island in the background on the pickguard is Caribbean green from a material called Recon stone. His guitars are very labor-intensive estimating 80+ hours of labor for this guitar alone. Hence, making the value $10,000 USD.

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Christmas Dinner Parade 

Lean On Me International and Isla Mujeres Buzzers organized a Christmas dinner dispensary and gift parade delivery for our families.  After which the participants gathered at Tiny Gecko for more fundraising activity fun and celebration.  All left with increased Christmas spirit and the joy of giving in their hearts. 

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Art Benefit

Lean On Me International received a wealth of donated art pieces from very generous artists, both regionally well-known supporters and local Isleños, for our First Annual Art Benefit.  During the event, LOMI sold everything from original paintings, jewelry, woodcrafts, hand-crafts as well as other pieces.  All sales went to support providing for our seriously ill LOMI children. 


Food Dispensary 

Lean On Me International encourages tourists here on Isla to participate in their own food dispensaries for our families with food insecurity.  Being present with the family in their home delivering food is an experience they never forget and can be life altering.  We welcome you to message us to have your own personal experience with a LOMI food dispensary soon. 

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Clothing Bazar

Visitors to Isla bring suitcases full of brand new and gently worn clothing to Isla.  Clothing is provided on an as need basis, but LOMI also has clothing bazars where our families come to obtain outfits for themselves and their children.  Children leave with smiling faces that would warm your heart!


Lilana Montserrat - Disease Congenital Renal Displasia 

“I am Lliana Montserrat Novelo Martinez, a 15-year-old Isleaña girl who wants to be studying at La Secundaria Benito Juárez Segundo to fulfil my dream of becoming a kindergarten teacher, playing the sport of soccer, which I love, visiting Paris and speaking French!  My reality instead is constant care for my disease of Congenital Renal Displasia because my kidneys never developed to normal size.  6


 “My first peritoneal dialysis treatment begins at 6 am, then every 6 hours until the last one of the day at 10 pm.  Every day, I need to take 9 medications and eat a diet of the proper portions of proteins, sodium and fiber for the dialysis to be most effective.  My care is very costly and is a hardship on my Mother who supports me and my little sister on $225 USD/month.  She loves and sacrifices a lot for me.


“Please reach into your heart for any donation you can afford, as the transplant cost will never be possible for my family to afford without your help.  The costs will include the transplant procedures fees, medications for life, hotel stays for 3 - 4 months after the transplant, near the hospital and transportation from Isla Mujeres to Mérida and more.  After which I will need to take antirejection medications for the remainder of my life. 


“I just want to be a normal girl living a normal life reaching for my dreams!  Thank you for helping me.”


Iliana continues to wait on the kidney donor list here in Mexico.  She is becoming more symptomatic as she waits.  Hopefully one day soon her family will get the call that a kidney awaits her.


Strategic Sponsor Partners: 

Lean On Me International is proud to partner with other organizations as sponsors to support beneficial fundraising efforts. 

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